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    7th March
    CEOE - Madrid
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    mobile devices
    mobile devices
    Adaptive Video
    PERSEO Analytics
    Custom Image
    Total Secure Environment
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    Banda Licenciada 2,6 GHz
    Total Movilidad
    Alta Velocidad
    MIMO Masivo
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    mobile devices
    mobile devices
    Ion Mobile

    Precios competitivos, fiabilidad y amplia cobertura.
    Producto llave en mano
    Asistencia de Marketing
    Te ayudamos a vender
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    ¿Sabías que el 98%
    de los SMS se abren?
    Gestiona el envío de tus mensajes de texto
    de manera rápida, segura y económica, y
    saca más partido a tu comunicación
    con SMS Sending.
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    Desplegamos red neutra de acceso y transporte de Banda Ancha
    Ultra Rápida con la que otros operadores pueden prestar servicios.

"Our network, with over 27,000 km, still growing up with you"

What is Aire?

Aire Networks is a national telecommunications operator. It provides carrier’s carrier profitable, flexible and scalable solutions for operators, public administration institutions and business.

With more than ten years of experience Aire Networks is the fourth national operator according to CNMC and also one of the companies with more presence and capillarity in metropolitan and rural areas in Spain.

Among its multiple assets there are its know-how, its strong national and international interconnection agreements with the main sectoral actors and its own telecommunications network with more than 27,000 km. The company provides coverage to 90% of the Spanish territory through optical fiber, radio and its own licensed band in the 2.6Ghz spectrum.


Providing efficient services that exceed the highest expectations of our customers, creating value for our shareholders, benefiting our employers and offering a fair and professional treatment to our business partners.


Achieving leadership in the domestic market telecommunications services and technology solutions delivering quality and innovative.



15 y 16


Madrid - Palacio de Congresos
ASLAN 2017

Congress & Expo

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10 y 11


Granada - Hotel M.A. Nazaríes

XXXII Feria Tecnológica "Superando Metas"

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Benidorm - INVAT·TUR
Desayuno INVAT·TUR

Nuevos escenarios en conectividad y seguridad para el sector del alojamiento

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