• Round table discussion on "OTT Platforms, revolution or burble?

    Event prepared by Connecting Media, organizado por Colt, Epic Labs, Google and Interxion



    Connecting Media is the event organised by Colt, Epic Labs, Google and Interxion where top-level professionals will discuss the present and future of television. It is based on two round tables, which will address, on the one hand, the challenge posed by traditional television for the change to IP, and on the other, the scenario of Over The Top (OTT) platforms.

    Aire Networks will be part of the second round table entitled through our Network Manager, Zigor Gaubeca.


    "The OTT platforms, revolution or bubble?

    The Internet has enabled a connected world and broadband new possibilities in the consumption of audiovisual leisure. It is in this technological framework in which Over The Top (OTT) platforms have made virtually any device connected to a television screen. But are they really going to replace the more traditional televisions? We will try to answer that question and the different challenges of this environment with our guests:

    • Alejandro Bárcena. Director of Digital Media Manager, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group
    • Zigor Gaubeca. Network Architect, Aire Networks
    • Virgilio Sanz. Senior Solutions Engineer, Akamai Technologies
    • Juanjo García. Google Cloud Manager