Aire Network

One of our mail strengths when offering telecommunication services is our network. It has been designed and deployed under the most demanding quality standards. Aire Networks invests continuously in new infrastructures to expand and improve its geographical coverage. Our network covers the whole Spanish territory via fiber optics, radio links and also mobile network, which has been recently reinforced by the acquisition of band 2.6 Ghz spectrum, allowing us to create network for the 4G+ service based on Advanced LTE technology.

Nowadays our network is one of the largest ones in Spain, with 27,000 kilometers and a capacity of growth of N * 100 Gbps. The Aire Networks network consists of multiple IP rings over wavelength division multiplexing. Many points of presence (POP) are adhered to this topology so Layer 2 and 3 services can be extracted for those clients who require it. The network is made up of a Core Network, developed with new generation native IP technology with IPV6 Dual Stack support and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), combining fiber optics with radio links in last mile circuits for IP traffic.

The circuits in the Aire Networks network are point-to-point with destination to other points of presence in said network or interconnections between different operators at global level. Furthermore, as a guarantee of service, all the POPs of the network are physically connected by fiber and radio to the other POPs to ensure redundancy in the service. Provincial and regional POPs connect the final clients.


The network and Autonomous System (AS) of Aire Networks occupies number 39 on the world ranking regarding quality of transit composed by more than 40,500 references. One of the great strengths of our AS is the fact that it links with the 5 most important Tier 1 of the planet and has more than 800 private traffic exchange agreements with the main nodes. All this facts put Aire Networks as the 331th global operator in volume of traffic.

COR 24/7 (Network Observation Center)

The Network Observation Center (COR – Centro de Observación de Red) of Aire Networks provides technical support 24/7/365 and it is always ready to help and to answer any request from our clients. The highly qualified and specialized staff control in real time all the circuits to guarantee the continuity and quality of the service. In the event of an incidence, the COR is in charge of organizing the technical and human resources necessary to quickly return the normality to the affected service.

  • - Receipt of incidences.
  • - Creation/closure of a breakdown ticket.
  • - Reporting the state of the breakdown.
  • - Filters’ upgrades due to network attacks.
  • - Modifying network equipment configurations.

  • - Queries about anomalies detected.
  • - Testing Requests.
  • - Backup Requests.
  • - IP routing upgrades.
  • - Network monitoring.