Our high-capacity NG-DWDM network is developed with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring speed, performance, and flexibility in service delivery.

We continually invest in new infrastructures with which to expand and improve geographic coverage, making the Aire Networks network one of the largest networks in Spain with 27,000 kilometres and a growth capacity of N * 400 Gbps.

The main network (BACKBONE / CORE) is developed with new generation native IP technology with Dual-Stack support and Multi-Protocol Switching using MPLS. In addition, it is made up of more than 55 points of presence (POP) to offer multilevel services.

All POPs in the network are physically connected by fibre and radio to other POPs to ensure redundancy, allowing us to guarantee our clients a complete dedicated connection, not over-contracted or shared: it is the service proposal with the highest value in the Spanish market.

Our network is designed with strict quality standards, complying with current telecommunications regulations. We are so sure of the quality of our network and services that we can offer our clients SLAs above market parameters.

Currently, the Aire Networks network is in the process of MEF 3.0 certification to offer standardized, agile, secure and orchestrated communication services that allow customers dynamic performance and the security required to prosper in the digital economy.


We are TIER 2, we have a national and international network with more than 20 neutral centres located in Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza; as well as four international centres located in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany, connected to the main points of exchange for national and international traffic: AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, EQUINIX and ESPANIX, interconnecting directly with more than 7,500 different networks globally allowing us to offer optimal peering.

All our CPDs offer the same services, because they are integrated into the Aire Networks ecosystem.

Our Autonomous System is in the Top 100 for IPv4. It links to 80% of the most important Tier 1 on the planet and has more than 1,000 private traffic exchange agreements with the main nodes.


We are a company in continuous expansion. We have R&D offices in each of the Functional Units that make up the organizational structure of Aire Networks. Departments such as Network, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance continually require new technologies to help them expand and improve services; therefore, we maintain a close relationship with each of our partners in matters of research and development in order to provide solutions to the continuous requirements of the market.
In this sense, Aire Networks has signed first-level strategic agreements with the most prestigious manufacturers in the market in each of its areas of activity.

COR 24/7 (Network Observation Center)

Our Company’s Network Observation Centre (NOC) provides specialized technical support on a 24/7 basis to our clients.

Our technical staff is highly qualified and monitors our network in real time to guarantee continuity and quality of service. In the event of an incident, the NOC is in charge of organizing the technical and human resources necessary to restore the compromised service.

  • - Receipt of incidences.
  • - Creation/closure of a breakdown ticket.
  • - Reporting the state of the breakdown.
  • - Filters’ upgrades due to network attacks.
  • - Modifying network equipment configurations.

  • - Queries about anomalies detected.
  • - Testing Requests.
  • - Backup Requests.
  • - IP routing upgrades.
  • - Network monitoring.