• Aire Networks boosts its expansion with the entrance of Magnum Capital in its shareholding

    Magmun is strongly committed to the strategic plan of the company and the management and trajectory of its management team

    Elche, June 18. - The telecommunications company Aire Networks has reached an agreement with Magnum Capital for the incorporation of this to its shareholding.
    Since its creation in 2002, Aire Networks has experienced an extraordinary growth, placing it as one of the main operators in the sector and a national benchmark in the wholesale market of telecommunications services "quadruple play". The innovative, technological and entrepreneurial spirit of the human team that works in the company, together with the focus on integral solutions have allowed Aire Networks to become the technological partner of its broad client base.

    The entry of Magnum into the capital of Aire Networks will be an important impetus to undertake the ambitious business project designed. The three main axes of the new strategic plan of Aire Networks will be, the internationalization, the expansion of the current network of communications to new geographic zones of the national territory, and, the development of new lines of activity related to cybersecurity, the Internet of the things (IoT) or the optimization of television, in an increasingly connected world.

    With presence throughout the national territory and with important strategic alliances, the company, which currently has more than 140 employees, reached a turnover of more than 35 million euros in 2017.

    According to Raúl Aledo, founding partner and CEO of Aire Networks "Magnum Capital is exactly the partner we were looking for to undertake the next phase of our expansion plan. I?m speaking in my name and in the entire Aire Networks management team when I say that we are very satisfied with this collaboration that will strongly boost our growth and national and international positioning. With the commitment and confidence of Magnum Capital in our strategic plan and company culture, we will take our passion for technology, telecommunications and innovation even further ".

    About Magnum
    Magnum started its activity in 2007 and since then it has become one of the leaders of Private Capital in Spain and Portugal, managed independently by its partners and the only firm in the sector with specialized teams in both countries.
    Magnum invests in solid companies with high growth potential in which it seeks to provide an industrial management model to transform its companies and contribute to the creation of long-term value.
    The participation of Aire Networks is the sixth investment of Magnum Capital II and its first foray into the telecommunications sector.