• Aire Networks reinforces all the Quadruple Play services of its wholesale offer

    Telefónica and Aire Networks sign an agreement that will give acces to the teleco to Movistar contents

    Elche, June 7, 2018 ? Aire Networks, a wholesale opeator of quadruple play telecommunications services based in Elche, has atended to AOTEC 2018, the sectorial fair organized by the National Association of Telecommunications Operators, that it has been held in Cartagena (Murcia), to presenta ll its news after months reinforcing all its service lines. At the end of June it will be concluded the upgrade of all its network to 100 Gbps. With the network  fully updated to support the developments of the coming years in ICT, it?s time to present the fruit of all the projetcts that have been carried out in recent months and show the most technological profile of the company. The novelties mean considerable improvements in all its wholesale offer lines with new products but also with added value in each one of them. During the two days of fair, all the comercial team has joined efforts to transfer all the present developments and those that will see the light in the short term to its wide portfolio of operators clients. In terms of mobile telephony, new services of special interest for SMEs and professionals emerge, like short numbering, fixed on the mobile or dual ring; the technological platform of Aire Networks for the diffusion of audiovisual contents PERSEO TV comes to AOTEC 2018 with a new brand image, but above all with great new features of interface and development, as the inclussion of Verimatrix VCAS solution to secure  the contents of PERSEO TV or ion player, a multidevice mobile application with first level contents of cinema, series and lineal TV as the offered by Movistar. In fixed telephony, a new form of invoicing by minute bags is officially presented so that the operator can decide in which modality he prefers to invoice taking advantage of savings depending on the volume of minutes consumed or new synergies between fixed and mobile telephony, which united with the new television platform and the existing circuits offer, reinforce the operator's quadruple play profile.

    New telephony

    The fixed telephony of Aire Networks has undergone a deep transformation after the implementation of Hermes and Apolo, two developments made entirely in Aire Networks and that place the incidence rate around zero, as well as novelties in the way of billing fixed telephony through bags of minutes. Hermes is the new telephony management system and Apollo its  the smart router. Together they will allow the company to offer new value-added services such as the simplification of the portability system, or create interesting service packages for companies with features such as the identification of outgoing numbers 800 and 900 or hybrid numbering for fixed and FAX. "Now more than ever, we are establishing synergies between the developments of fixed telephony IP and mobile telephony of Aire Networks. We have started a new stage and this what we present in AOTEC 2018 is just the tip of the iceberg", explains Joan Aniorte, coordinator of Telephony of Aire Networks. These are new services of special interest for SMEs, and companies in general, such as the mobile fixed-line service through which a company can establish its fixed numbering as outgoing numbering from its mobile terminal. Also the dual ring service by means of which different mobile terminals can simultaneously receive the same call or the transfer of calls between mobile terminals. According to Sergio Fernández, developer of HERMES "these services are compatible with each other thanks to HERMES and APOLO, our new management system and its smart router. That means that a business mobile phone can call with company landline identification and the call may sound simultaneously on different mobile phones and if the person who wishes to call it, wishes to transfer it to another mobile terminal, it can easily do between the assigned short-numbered lines, this is an example of the new scenario in which Aire Networks fixed telephony is moving right now.

    PERSEO TV Platform

    Another of the novelties highlighted in the current edition of the AOTEC technology fair is PERSEO TV Technological Platform, fruit of more than 5 years of development by the engineering body of the R + D + i department of Aire Networks, a proven platform and easily integrable for heterogeneous operator environments that optimizes the total cost of ownership and maximizes revenue per subscriber. With it, Aire Networks puts on the national and international market a single platform for IPTV, OTT and hybrid a few months after its international launch that will take place in Holland coinciding with the next edition of IBC, the international technological event in Media, Entertainment and Technology. This multi-service delivery platform provides interactive television services for IPTV, OTT, DVB and a combination for Internet, telecommunications and cable service providers that can interact with end users anytime and anywhere through mobile applications offering a real interactive TV experience. This, together with social functions, is revolutionizing the way that television is viewed. In the words of Raúl Aledo, CEO of Aire Networks "Aire emerged 17 years ago with a clear objective, to offer its clients the necessary tools to lead the local market. Today this goal is more alive than ever and proof of this is the platform technology for the diffusion of audiovisual contents PERSEO that places the local providers of telecommunications services on the game board of the new television". It is a state-of-the-art television broadcasting medium with which to offer audiovisual services through IPTV with the PERSEO TV HOME Set Top Box and the multi-device OTT PERSEO TV software available in Google Play, App Store, Web and native applications for Samsung, LG and Android TVs. "Perseo is an end-to-end solution that provides operators and audiovisual service providers with everything they need to offer television content with state-of-the-art standards and features, improving the customer's consumption experience, reducing costs and maximizing profits thanks to its comfortable interface, personalization options and administration panels We have created a platform so powerful that it is the client who decides how far he wants to go" says Manu Monserrate, Director of R + D + i of Aire Networks. The platform also has the most advanced encryption systems. Aire Networks has implemented the Vericatrix VCAS solution at PERSEO TV Platform, the world leader in securing OTT services with digital rights management and forensic watermark for its TV Everywhere service available through web devices, tablets and smartphones, as well as in televisions with decoders (STB) of Android® TV. "Content protection is a fundamental need for Perseo TV, but we must also be agile enough to adjust quickly to changes in market demands It is essential that we invest in a security framework that keeps pace with our constant state of development ", commented Raúl Armero, Marketing Director of Aire Networks who added "Verimatrix offers a simple but complete, flexible and excellent support solution, and we are convinced that the VCAS framework will continue to satisfy our security needs as Perseo TV continues to grow in services and volume of connected devices".

    Ion Player

    AOTEC 2018 has also been the scene to present Ion Player, soon available through Google Play and App Store. Through it, the national merchant, based in Elche, will distribute, among others, contents of Movistar's offer following the recent agreement signed between both companies regarding content. The new multi-device platform, with adaptive video, gestural control and state-of-the-art features will give access to audiovisual content to a potential market of more than four and a half million subscribers. Aire Networks and Movistar reach a new agreement that results in more added value for the operator's Quadruple Play profile just one year after the company made the leap from OMV Service Provider to OMV Full with Movistar Coverage. "With this new agreement, the lines of collaboration with Telefónica reach 360 degrees, so far Telefónica has been an exceptional partner in terms of fixed and mobile telephony and data circuits, as well as having audiovisual material in Movistar, assessing our journey together, it is for Aire a guarantee of quality and service, and we do not have the slightest doubt that our customers will be delighted to be able to enjoy first class programming, with live and varied contents, but above all, of extreme relevance", explains José Pablo Gil, Product Manager of Ion Player.


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