• Ion Mobile, the technological operator that offers the services of the biggest companies at low cost prices

    The OMV presents new rates renewing its three classic Sota, Caballo and Rey, in addition to numerous extra services

    Part of the Ion Mobile team at the Aire Networks facilities

    With only 5 years in the market, Ion Mobile remains more alive than ever and has managed to position itself within the low cost segment as the virtual mobile operator that grows every month, with a high fidelity rate, highly competitive prices and the most technological profile from the market. This month the OMV of Aire Networks has presented new rates renewing its three classic Sota, Caballo and Rey with more GB and minutes, improving their prices, but also taking out of the sleeve a surprising letter within the Mobile Virtual Operators, the technology developed at home and that has allowed the hummingbird to present numerous extra services such as Call Transfer, Dual Ring or Fixed IP, among others.

    Ion Mobile returns to premiere rates betting again on its identity sign, the spanish deck. Analyzing the rout of recent years, the OMV has become one of the most dynamic mobile operators, always aware of the needs of operators and changes in consumer habits of customers. Ion Mobile has decided to simplify its offer to three predesigned rates: Nueva Sota, with unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles and 3GB of data without price increase with respect to the Sota Plus; the Nueva Caballo that includes 1'5GB more than the previous Caballo Plus with more than 2 euros of saving; and the Nueva Rey with almost 7 euros of savings compared to the previous Rey Plus. With these rates, the virtual mobile operator satisfies the needs of the three major customer profiles, but also for that small part of users with unique needs the operator offers the Free Rate with which the user can create their own customized rate, choosing between various voice and data bonuses. In summary, the novelties have been developed in terms of price improvement and product increase by offering more for less. From Ion Mobile ensure that these improvements require great effort, but they are always worth it given the excellent acceptance by their distributors and customers.

    Among the main assets of Ion Mobile, its technological profile stands out. While among telephony operators the most common formula is commercialization, Aire Networks combines its commercial profile at an affordable price with technological development taking advantage of the synergies of its R+D+i laboratories, cornerstone of the company. According to Elena Martínez, Product Manager at Ion Mobile: "Being a technology operator allows us to offer the services of big companies at low cost". This is something that surprises between the Mobile Virtual Operators and that is also present in all the lines of services of Aire Networks.

    Aire Networks, the wholesale operator of quad play services develops products for telecommunications operators and distributors, and although it conducts studies to determine where the needs of the sector and users are directed, it ensures that those who know them best by their day to day are their own distributors. The relationship of proximity between Aire and its clients, generates enough confidence for them to transfer their suggestions and requests. A good example is the UPER app developed by Aire to simplify the management of the distributor during the process of registration and portability. The company that has received very good reviews about this service, is still in the process of improvement, and anticipates that it will soon launch a new version with new features and new services.

    Aire Networks develops and markets mobile telephony with high added value for both individuals and professional users. Therefore, among the novelties presented in October you can find various extras of special interest for companies. The body of Aire engineers has developed services that join the already existing "Dual SIM" and "Lanzamegas", with which users can transfer batches of megabytes to each other. Among the new features include "Call Transfer" to fixed and mobile, "Short Numbers" with unlimited calls between them, or the "Fixed IP" service of special interest for smart devices that require a Fixed IP for remote access, or "Dual Ring "that allows users to have an exact copy of their fully operational SIM in a second terminal. When receiving an incoming call both devices sound at the same time. Another unprecedented innovation among MVNOs is the "Fixed in Mobile" service, which will be launched during the month of November. With this service the customer will be able to make calls from his mobile phone, showing the identifier of his landline whenever he is in the provincial demarcation of his landline.