• New promotion for distributors and end customers of mobile telephony

    5 GB extra in the months of June, July and August

    Summer is here and, what better way to celebrate it than with a refreshing mobile promotion?

    As we know that in these months the customers use more their mobile, and that the extra gigas never come bad, we have launched the new promotion "We get wet with you", in which we give away 5GB extra per month during the months of July and August to all mobile pone customers of OMV Full Aire Networks, ion mobile and private label, with Movistar coverage.


    Who can benefit from the promotion?

    All customers, new additions and existing customers, in any of the rates of ion mobile or White Brand, with Movistar coverage.


    We have also throught about you

    This promotion is not only aimed at end customers. We have also throught about you. Consult your area comercial about hiring incentives and? HAPPY SUMMER!



    Call to 1774, check with your area comercial or write to info@airenetworks.es