• Your radio backup forever free with your fiber circuit

    Only hiring fiber before June 29

    Hire your radio circuit of 1GB or 10GB and get a radio backup forever FREE

    Feel the tranquility of knowinginci that if your fiber circuit is affected by an impact, your service will not be interrupted.

    The fiber is very reliable, but punctually due to sabotaje, excavations, fires, natural causes, etc., it can be affected and resolution times can be delayed depending on the nature of the incident. For fast we are solving the breakdown, every minute is a real headache for you and your customers and as you well know, this can translate to a loss of business and confidence. Do not worry completely with your radio backup, alwais ready to actívate in case of your fiber circuit is affected.



    By contracting a 1 GB fiber circuit you will have a 300 MB radio backup for FREE

    By contracting a 10 GB fiber circuit you will have a 900 MB radio backup for FREE


    Promotion subject to technical viability.

    Call to 1774, check with your area comercial or write to info@airenetworks.es