ISO Labels

Aire has implemented a Quality Management and Security System, which main goal is to increase customer satisfaction through continuous improvement processes to ensure the quality of services offered and information security.

The ISO 9001: 2015 certification is described as: ”Direct and indirect telecommunications services provider to operators and business”. It implies a systematization of the operations, a sustainable improvement of the internal structure regarding the final customer.

On the other hand, Aire is aware of the importance of a proper treatment of the information to reach an optimal level of safety in the services provided to its customers. In order to reach these goals, Aire gets the ISO 27001: 2013 regarding "security information management on the development, configuration, implementation and maintenance of the GECO application, used for customer management and accounting by Aire Networks del Mediterraneo SLU". This way Aire ensures the confidentiality of the information, the protection of the integrity of the information, etc.

Quality Commitment

Contractual arrangements and the appropriate definition of service-level agreements (SLA) are basic to achieve the general objectives of the company’s Quality and Safety Management System. Thereby, the SLAs Aire Networks try to create a relationship between the company and the client based on the identification of the clients’ needs.

About our Quality Policies and Security Policies.


We are a company in continual expansion. We have I +d + I offices in each of the business units at Aire Networks. Departments like Network, Engineering, Operations and Maintenance continually require new technologies to improve our services. Therefore, we keep a close relationship with all our partners, regarding investigation and development so we can answer to the market needs.

In order to reach these goals, Aire Networks has subscribed strategic partnerships with the most renowned brands in the market.

Aire Networks, "Linking Talent"

Virtual Office

Besides the usual communication channels, we provide 24/7 access to all the information the client needs to know about the state of the hired services. The Virtual Office is an application added to our website (, providing many functions to our clients:
  • - Service Management .
  • - Online services Billing.
  • - Charges.
  • - Calling plans Management.
  • - Real time use Management.
  • - Pro forma Invoices.