OTT Platform

PERSEO OTT Solutions is an OTT platform developed entirely by Aire Networks which meets the needs of content broadcasting in an "as a service" model.


This tool provides you with the capacity to create and manage your own OTT platform, it is 100% configurable, thus offering you the possibility of creating an interface in accordance with the client's corporate identity. Its CMS enables you to fully manage the platform and it has an advanced analysis capacity

It can manage administrator and content management, as well as obtaining automated reports, which allows information to be obtained on users' content consumption, generating advertising campaigns, etc.


Perseo OTT Solutions adapts to all content playback models.


Aire Networks, a wholesale provider specializing in telecommunications and cloud for more than 20 years, brings you Perseo OTT Solutions, a comprehensive portfolio of media services that enable the capturing, processing and broadcasting of signals.


Perseo OTT Solutions is the end-to-end solution for creating and managing an OTT platform.


With Perseo OTT Solutions we offer you the following features:

- Multi-device platform: apps for mobiles and tablets (IOS and Android), web, Chromecast Smart TV.

- High quality streaming: Live, delayed and VoD streaming.

- Manage live streaming

- Simultaneous playback: thanks to the creation of user profiles.

- Customization module

- Adaptive bitrate

- Multi-tenant

- Live and on-demand content streaming: tVoD | sVoD | aVoD

- Creation of a 100% customizable interface

- Data analysis: knowing how, when, who and where will allow you to design effective strategies.

- Monetization through ad insertion: boost your profits with advertising.

- Perseo API


In addition, as a wholesale operator, we can offer you:


- TRANSCODING: Our content transmission is able to adapt to any Internet connection while ensuring retransmission.

- nDVR: Dynamic content storage in the cloud

- IP TRANSPORT: Deliver your content over our secure, high-speed network.

- CDNs are dynamically stored in our own data centre.

- Proximity to our own data centre.

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