Fiber Business

Converged Octus service with safe and uninterrupted fiber for companies. It also includes switchboard, mobile telephony and 4G backup.

Open communications through a single solution.



  • Connect multiple services using a single fiber connec- tion.
  • Single invoice for all Services.
  • Scalability of services.
  • National coverage.
  • Free calls between extensions.
  • Cloud switchboard, without installation.
  • Connectivity always ON thanks to the 4G Backup with transparent switching and the same IP address.
  • Personalized attention and technical support.
  • Unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles.



Technical Specifications:

  • Symmetric connections 300 up to 500 Mbps symmetric.
  • Use of fiber optic end to end.
  • Low latency.
  • No residential concurrence.
  • No network deployment.
  • Advanced traffic engineering and QoS for critical servi- ces such as VoIP.
  • Scalable switchboard from 2 to 32 channels.





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