Point to Point

Dedicated lines that allow a technological architecture to be used to provide high-speed private connectivity services between remote points, providing high quality and reliable service with guaranteed flows.



  • VLan based connectivity.
  • Fully scalable.
  • High service availability and link confidentiality.
  • Provides a reliable and secure data service for: P private and hybrid cloud; data center connectivity; networks; secure file sharing; remote data backup; VOIP and video applications, among others.
  • Personalized attention and technical support 24/7.



Technical Specifications:

  • Two modalities of Services:
  • Unprotected P2P: a single route between two points.
  • Protected P2P: Route ringed to join locations.
  • Level 2 service.
  • 100% bandwidth reservation guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed service with SLA agreements.
  • End-to-end management by Aire Networks.
  • Coverage at provincial and interprovincial level.
  • Guaranteed symmetric flows for shipping and receiving.
  • MPLS structuring and guaranteed jitter.
  • QoS or prioritization of services according to criticality.
  • Availability via radio links or via fiber.




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