Satellite Internet Service

Our satellite internet service that offers connectivity where other networks don't reach.

ADE Satellite, our satellite internet service, provides internet access through satellite access networks, specifically designed to ensure coverage in remote areas where other providers don't reach.

How do we do it?

We install all the necessary equipment at the customer's location to facilitate access to satellite networks. We provide the fixed access point and install it on the exterior of the building to ensure the coverage the customer needs. It's as simple as that!
We offer two satellite internet plans:
ADE Satellite 50Mbps or ADE Satellite 200Mbps. Both plans include installation at the corporate headquarters, setup, and necessary equipment.

What do we offer?

• Premium Transit on Grupo Aire Network: Peering with major national and international providers. No port limitations, CGNAT filtering, or traffic management.
• Nationwide Coverage Guarantee: Our access network, comprised of low Earth orbit satellites, provides similar latency times to xDSL across the entire country.
• Low Latency: We have the best-ranked autonomous systems worldwide. We rank 29th in IPv4 and 36th in IPv6 in the global ranking.
• Security: Our network implements the advanced heuristic system C3NTRIX, which passively protects your data and ensures the continuity of your service against DDoS attacks.
• Trust: We have comprehensive security and quality policies certified with ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015.
• 24/7 Support: We offer specialized support for companies with their own network observation centers.

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