Virtual Private LAN

Aire Networks provides the Virtual Private LAN (VPLS) service, allowing companies to create a Level 2 virtual private network capable of supporting multiple locations within a single domain over an IP/MPLS network.

The VPLS is designed to meet the specifications of the star topology to provide Ethernet connectivity between any end with high levels of granu- larity and bandwidth. This service is a cost effective alternative for WAN environments, especially for large organizations that need secure high bandwidth connections between multiple international, national, regional and local venues.



  • Facilitates access to centralized services at all customer sites.
  • Improves flexibility and disaster recovery: it is possible to move computers and servers from one headquarters to another without changing the configuration.
  • Data privacy guaranteed.
  • Personalized attention and technical support 24/7.



Technical Specifications:

  • MPLS structuring.
  • Classification and delivery of transparent services.
  • End-to-end managed network with service guarantee.
  • Guaranteed service with SLA agreements
  • Various bandwidths.
  • Supports telephony services with digital quality/virtual centers.
  • Easily scalable solution.
  • Guaranteed response times.





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