Landline Telephone Service

Own label Telephone Service (outsourcing), including all the necessary components to the procurement and administration of the service in a personalized way. Aire Networks provides all the support, the infrastructure, an large experience in the market as well as the CRM of the product so it can be successfully commercialized by the operators under their own name and brand.

We offer:

  • Billing per second, with no call connection cost.
  • Phone number subassignation.
  • Number portability.
  • Operator billing.
  • Flat rates.
  • Calling plans management.
  • Full web management environment.
  • Provision and creation of SIP trunk.
  • Management of lines and clients.
  • Anti-fraud control.
  • Virtual private numbering network.
  • Intelligent network service.
  • Quality control of ongoing calls.
  • Landline-on-mobile.
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902 154 902