LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a 3GPP standard specifically designed to increase speed, stability and efficiency. The network infrastructure is completely based on IP technology, meaning a significant improvement in the throughput. This technology allows high bitrates at low latency, and response times are much shorter, gaining a faster interaction in applications which are demanding in that regard. Among its features, one of the most relevant aspects is its quick deployment.

Aire Networks is a 2.6 GHz licensee and is able to provide the full range of LTE services. Aire Networks' LTE network is 100-percent neutral, which allows other operators to use the network through commercial agreements with the company. This service is currently available only in Extremadura, and will be available in the Comunidad Valenciana and Melilla soon.

Broadband market has evolved in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. As a result, service and product offerings must be as customizable as possible, in order to satisfy more and more stringent demand requirements and regulation for policymakers, guaranteeing technological development, integration among networks, platforms and services and minimizing the time to market.

As a carrier of carriers, Aire Networks is committed to the development of this market with the aim of providing ultra-high speed Internet access to urban and rural or sparse areas. This way, the clients can access broadband services regardless of their geographic location. The main objective and motivation is to improve features and quality of service in order to enhance welfare and quality of life of the clients.

On the other side, the effect of last generation communications on the economic, business and social development is undeniable. This technology will help to the creation of new opportunities both for clients and distributors.

This new project, under the name of AIRE NETWORKS OPERADOR NEUTRO and co-supported by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and FEDER EU Funds, aims to roll out an open access and transport network for other operators.

This project is based on the following principles:

  • NEUTRALITY, avoiding interference among wholesale offers from operators.
  • NO DISCRIMINATION among operators.
  • TRANSPARENCY in the access to wholesale offers and users.
  • EQUITY among operators willing to access clients in the coverage area.


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