LTE+ (Fibair)

Aire Networks holds the license to operate the 2.6GHz spectrum band, that allow us to generate network in order to run the 4G+ service, based on LTE technology.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a 3GPP standard specifically designed to increase speed, stability and efficiency. The network infrastructure is completely based on IP technology, meaning a significant improvement in the throughput. This technology allows high bitrates at low latency, and response times are much shorter, gaining a faster interaction in applications which are demanding in that regard. Among its features, one of the most relevant aspects is its quick deployment.


  • No interference because it operates under a licensed 2.6GHz band.
  • The LTE technology improves the quality of the signal and allows high bitrates at low latency.
  • MIMO technology allows for more capacity and greater range as transmitting a larger number of carrier signals increases the spectral efficiency.
  • TDD makes a more efficient use than FDD because it distributes the traffic according to the user’s demand.
  • LTE enables guaranteed data transfer rates and equals performance of fibre optic but with the advantage of mobility.
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