Net2Zen provides a number of features like security, control, tracking, ubiquity and resilience, ensuring high levels of robustness to the internal network and allowing global business management. Customers will be able to get information and connect everywhere in a secure way. However, network administrators will keep full control of the network in any branch office or site at any time and from everywhere.

Our offer is an all-in-one package: Internet access + virtual PBX + mobile + differentiated Wi-Fi networks + managing capable of administrate all the hardware, applications and contents through an easy-to-use cloud platform.

We offer:

  • Symmetric and secure Internet access.
  • Fixed telephony based on multiuser cloud-based virtual PBX. No physical PBX or maintenance costs.
  • Mobile services for technicians featuring short dial codes while respecting geographic numbering plans
  • Customized Wi-Fi networks, allowing customer geo-localization.
  • Cloud-based management providing full visibility and control of all devices in all branch offices or sites.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at:
902 154 902