Storage in a neutral center from Aire Networks fully designed for data protection with the highest levels of safety and operational reliability.

Our customers will enjoy all the conditions of a premium data center paying a fee for the service according to the space re- quired in it: from a rack U, to a cage and / or private room.



  • Interconnection with all Public Clouds. E.g. Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Salesforce, others.
  • Own backbone network of high availability and high performance to connect all customer sites to Aire Networks data centers.
  • Ultra fast network. N*400 Gbps in the entire interconnection network between data centers and neutral rooms.
  • Neutral carrier. Cloud connectivity and the possibility of interconnection between multiple operators and telecommunications providers.
  • Possibility of integration of virtualization services: Cloud Computing and connectivity.
  • More than 1000 private interconnection agreements with the main Internet networks worldwide.
  • AntiDDoS attack mitigation systems (default).
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Possibility of Remote Hand Services.



Technical Specifications:

  • Digital CCTV surveillance external and internal areas 24/7.
  • Alarm detection zones.
  • Strict access control procedures.
  • Multiple layers of physical security, including identifica- tion.
  • access cards and biometric readers.
  • Redundant power supply supported by UPS and generator sets. Redundancy N+1.
  • Fire protection systems (early detection and automatic extinction systems).
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring and control system.
  • High precision air conditioning system and N+1. redundancy, Green Power technology, through the Free-Cooling system (air optimization).
  • Hot/cold aisles.
  • Meet Me Room, interconnected by either Aire Networks’ own connections or by the main Internet exchange providers (IX).
  • 24/7 technical support.




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