Backup as a service

Our Backup as a Service is cloud data backup software that stores, analyses and encrypts information. Schedule and make backups wherever and whenever you want without using physical equipment and the risks involved.


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BackOS is a powerful backup tool that is natively integrated with our SoaX Orchestrator. BackOS is our own software development that provides reliable backups, verifiable recovery, and workload mobility from our cloud, helping to ensure data availability. Our simplified backup and recovery solution allows you to manage all your workloads from a single platform. Additionally, it operates on a platform completely external to our SoaX infrastructure.


All that BackOS offers

  • Automated backup and recovery of volumes
  • Backup, cloning, and replication
  • Easily managed through our SoaX interface
  • Fast restoration
  • Agentless, it runs without the need to install agents or heavy clients
  • Policies and scheduling, defined by each user according to their needs
  • Turnkey solution, easy to use and learn, with an exceptional user experience
  • Restores, restores complete volumes to new volumes.


3 types of backups


Backs up all data (folders, files, etc.). The first backup of a volume must be complete.



Performs a backup only of the files that have changed since the last full backup.



Backs up only the modified data, but only backs up the data that has changed since the last backup, regardless of whether the last backup (previous) was full or incremental.


In addition, it allows you to manage the complete cycle of backups: you can define the backup retention policy, the execution period (according to different scheduling policies, which you can also combine in the same item), choose from different recovery options.


Backup premium

Our backup as a service Backup Premium provides a solution for users who need a more advanced backup of the systems hosted in our Public Cloud. Due to the existing demand for a tool capable of performing backups in a granular and consistent way in different applications and data, Oasix has chosen to rely on the technology of the manufacturer Commvault, a market leader in backup solutions to provide the best guarantees.


Discover all that BaaS Premium has to offer:

  • Provides layers of data management to multiple organisations.
  • Multi-tenant environment separated by role-based access controls.
  • A single administrator is responsible for an entire tenant/enterprise.
  • A tenant operator is responsible only for its own application servers.
  • Users authenticate in the Command Centre as Tenant Administrators or Tenant Operators.
  • Each tenant provides its own identity provider using industry standard protocols (AD, SAML) to authenticate its users.
  • A cluster of MediaAgent and Virtual Server Agent (VSA) perform data protection operations on the tenant systems.


Veeam Backup

'Backup as a Service' from Oasix is the answer for businesses that want to have a professional Backup service and need protection for their data, as well as diversifying the risk of their data. Oasix's data protection services are based on hosting backups, replicating information, and data repositories on our infrastructure.


Simplify the management of your backup copies in four easey steps

The simple, flexible and secure solution for your business.

1. Install the backup software on the computers that you need to back up.

2. Select the content you want to backup.

3. Schedule and configure the making of copies.

4. Manage your backups from a simple and flexible control panel wherever and whenever you want.


What makes us different

Discover everything that BaaS can offer you


BaaS complies with the new GDPR regulation.


Enjoy up to 1TB of cloud storage.


All your information is encrypted (AES 256-bits) before leaving your computer and it is stored in our data centres (ESP and EU).


BaaS is compatible with all operating systems on the market, both database and virtualization systems.


The BaaS infrastructure is scalable, it adapts to your needs at all times, with detailed reports and monitoring.


Choose your modality:

BaaS Self-Service

Protect your infrastructure with Veeam Backup & Replication and self-manage it.

Managed BaaS

Delegates the management of the Backup to our Oasix Support team for dedicate yourself fully to your business


Veeam Backup Connect

Veeam Backup Connect is a backup as a service perfect for companies that already have Veeam in their infrastructure and need to protect their data off-site with an additional Backup service.

Turnkey Solution

Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication server, so you can do off-site Backup on your own Backup server.

Veeam VBR Connect licenses are available as a service.

Remote repository for hosting your backups.


Advantages of an evolved Backup as a service

- Versatile repository: the service can function as an archiving repository or as a direct Backup repository.

- Self-service: self-service model, so you can manage backups on your own VBR server.

- Simple and cyber secure: Connectivity between your servers and the central Backup platform is implemented directly through internet access, using a single TCP/UDP port, protected by SSL/TLS encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of data.

100% compatible with other services.


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