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Host your servers and network equipment in our edge datacentre in Spain and Portugal




Everything that Co-location offers your business

+20 datacentres in Spain and Portugal

Alicante, Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza.

Natural operator

Hyperconnectivity: interconnection with multiple telecommunications operators and providers.

Own network

Network infrastructure for your own interconnection.

Public cloud

Interconnection with all public clouds: Amazon Web Services, IBM, Azure, etc.

Payment of service fee

From a U rack to a cage or private room.

Lightning-fast network

N * 400 Gbps throughout the interconnection network between Aire neutral centres.

Connection with IPX

National and international: AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, EQUINIX and ESPANIX.

AntiDDoS Mitigation System

Integrated by default.

Efficient practices

Air optimization and hot / cold aisle.

GDPR compliance

Your localized data while complying with data protection regulations.

Remote hands

The possibility of performing multiple activities remotely.

24/7 surveillance

Continuous digital CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas.

Access control

With multiple layers of physical security, including ID access cards and biometric readers.


Redundant power supply supported by UPS and generator sets. N + 3 redundancy. High level service availability.


Alarm detection zone.




Find your nearest Datacentre in Spain and Portugal

We have more than 20 neutral centres in the following locations: Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Sevilla, Valencia and Zaragoza; as well as four international centres located in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.


We are TIER 2, due to our vast network connection to the main national and international traffic exchange points: AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, EQUINIX and ESPANIX, thus directly interconnecting to more than 7,500 different networks at a global level, which allows us to offer optimal peering.


Centros de datos de Aire Networks en la península ibérica


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