Private Cloud

The advantages of using virtualisation with the guarantee of dedicated equipment and direct access to specialised technical support.

1. IaaS that combines the best in from the classical computing world with the most innovative principles in the new era of cloud, at a fair price.
2.    The most important resources are exclusively used by the customer and are therefore highly protected from the activities of other neighbouring customers.
3.    Bottleneck-free data network connecting each physical computing node to different access switches via a 4 x 10G link.
4.    The computing nodes are backed up with hot standby units that are ready to take over the workload in case a physical node fails.
5.    Additionally, the most critical environments can be replicated to Grupo Aire network data centres for added protection in the event of a catastrophe or data centre failure.

Key features:

Predictable performance

Environments composed of dedicated computing nodes, dedicated and isolated networks, and network-attached storage that avoids the "noisy neighbour" effect.

Resilience and redundancy

 Infrastructure, switching and node redundancy


System that replicates the security level of a traditional fully isolated environment.


Customer information on hardware, physical location of data, equipment and network topology, etc.


 Fees based on a payment model or transparent in the case of more complex solutions.


Adaptation to customer needs. Tailor-made solutions.


- 100% customisable environments  
- 24/7 system monitoring (icon: camera)  
- 24/7 direct access to support
- 24/7 specialised technical support  

- A scalable and flexible private cloud  
- State-of-the-art data centres in Europe

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