Public Cloud

Your cloud infrastructure, flexible and efficient

1. On-demand access to unlimited data centre resources: servers, storage, connectivity and security.

2. Automation: use the automation tools that we incorporate in our management panel.

3. Get customised computing and storage resources, add different network layer products (firewall, load balancer, VPN, VLAN, etc.) and enjoy our ultra-low latency connectivity in addition to our AntiDDoS system which is included in our services.

4. Create, modify, redistribute and manage your virtual data centre in an agile, simple and autonomous way through our Drag&Drop graphical interface.

5. Monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure infrastructure in real time through a single web control panel.

6. Our services run in 100% secure environments. We secure your data and workflows thanks to our high security standards. We have ISO 27018, ISO 27001 certifications and we comply with the National Security Scheme High level (ENS High)


Discover everything IaaS has to offer

Easy to use
The Dashboard is user friendly, from day one and without the need for training

Up to 99.99% availability
Contract guaranteed with native active-active architecture. If we don't deliver, we'll give you your money back.

The best in performance
Our cloud services offer you the performance that best suits your business needs.

Advanced monitoring

Powerful monitoring portal based on open standards such as Grafana

Powerful SDN network

Private networks, firewall, balancer as a service, floating IPs...

Multiple region zones
Madrid and Valencia as zones to deploy infrastructure

Multi-cloud orchestration

Manage your virtual data centre (vDX) and multi-cloud resources from a single control panel.

Hybrid cloud

Choose whether you want public (shared hardware), private (own hardware) or hybrid (both).

Pay only for what you use. Connectivity and data transfer are included in the service.

Track your information
GDPR compliance. Your data is physically located in Spain with more than 20 neutral data centres at your disposal.


Services to complement IaaS


Migration service

In order to overcome the challenge of making the transition to cloud, we have created Soax Live Migration, a service which enables you to migrate from a physical infrastructure to our cloud. A process in which the Oasix technical team provides full support and you can migrate all your systems in an agile, fast and secure way.

This is how it works
This solution helps companies reduce TCO through a cost-effective solution. Soax Live Migration continuously replicates production workloads and sends copies to the Oasix Cloud in a WAN-optimised manner.
Soax Live Migration not only replicates the application and machine data, but also machine metadata to automate the migration process and preserve network configuration and machine type.

• Real-time background replication of production workloads in the background
• Fully automated migration process
• Agentless migration with no data loss in minutes
• Reduced total cost of private infrastructure by moving to a cost-effective target cloud site
• Isolated infrastructure solution for customer security
• SoaX Live Migration complete REST API to support complex, multi-phase migration strategies
• Easy-to-use solution - all migration components are controlled by a sophisticated control plane

* We recommend that you test the capability of migrations before making the decision to move production to any cloud platform


Anti DDoS

Protect your company's network from denial of service (DDoS) attacks with SoaX Network Protection, an anti-DDoS and anti-DDoS system capable of safeguarding your infrastructure against different types of attacks by performing on-site mitigations and ensuring best defence practices. Service included in our Infrastructure as a service.

DDoS attacks are one of the main threats that companies currently face when it comes to protecting their networks. To combat them, we recommend a solution which combines cloud-based protection, offering protection against high-volume attacks; and on-premises backup, protecting against application- and infrastructure-targeted attacks. That's what Soax Network Protection does.

Protection against different types of attacks:

1. Volumetric

2. Application layer attacks

3. Avalanche attacks

4. Multi-vector attacks

5. Combined attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly widespread and frequent. Only companies that take action will be able to adequately protect themselves.

Advantages of Soax Network Protection

1. Protects and ensures the services of your company

2. Combines cloud-based protection with on-premises backup

3. Allows for quick reaction

4. Effectively scales


Soax Remote Desktop



Use Windows and Linux applications anywhere you want, at no additional cost and with no fuss.

All your professional and data applications at your disposal, at any time, from any device.



Your global solution for remote work



User experience
Flexible, simple and secure: it streamlines work dynamics and ensures accessibility to documents and applications in a 100% secure way.

Wherever and whenever you want
Accessible from any device, from anywhere. All the resources you need to be fully operational and enjoy maximum performance all in one place.

Our own network and interconnection with multiple telecommunication operators and providers.

100% pay per actual use
No subscription, and no permanence fees. No additional fees.

Easy to use
Quick and easy to install.

Specialized support
24/7 attention

Flexible platform, self-scalability
Sizable according to your needs.

360º vision
Centralized administration console. Easy to use and with access to the website.

Cost reduction
Fewer IT resources and lower licensing costs.

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