Virtual Data Center as a Service

Soax, is our orchestration software that allows you to control, manage and administer all Mono-Cloud and Multi-Cloud services, both public and private, as well as Exo-Cloud and DCIM.


How does Soax work?

Soax, our orchestration software, has an automated engine that allows the provisioning, control and monitoring of all the elements of a Virtual Datacentre:Virtual Machines, VLANs, Routers, LoadBalancers, auto-scaling groups, firewalls, security groups, storage... To enable you to enjoy its benefits, you need a CloudBox or EdgeBox and OpenStack distribution, running from one physical server to any number of servers, tailored to your business needs.



Discover what Oasix can offer you

Multi-Tennant & MultiDomain Platform

Multi-Cloud Management

(AWS, Azure and OpenStack)

White label service

per domain or “virtual private cloud” (vPC)


based on your business needs

Flexibility and scalability

with customization and parameterization capabilities

Deployment of a virtual Datacentre

at the push of a button, even on your company’s premises

Drag & Drop web interface

An intuitive 100% graphical Drag & Drop web interface with full API functionality

Personalized support

Personalized support and product upgrades with turnkey solution

vDC graphic map

Increased security and data privacy

with two-factor authentication

Reduced costs and operating time

by automated routine operations

Pay-per-use model


Soax can be used in…

1. Private and public cloud

2. NFV Individual IaaS: Computing, Storage, NFV

3. vDCaaS: Full Virtual Datacenter implementation

4. PaaS, SaaS, DRaaS & DaaS

5. Holistic management of private and/or public clouds and other platforms

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