Mass SMS sending

SENDING is the fully self- administrating Mass Networks SMS sending platform.
It allows you to manage all text message shipments quickly, safely, reliably and economically.


  • Mass sending of SMS at the best market price.
  • Notices / Reminders, perfect for remembering payment dates, notifications, etc.
  • Advertising and marketing. It allows customers to be informed about discounts, special days, promotions etc.
  • Guaranteed savings in the telephone bill.
  • Minimizes communications management time.
  • Maximize the attention and/or impact of the recipient. SMS messages are received and read almost instantly.
  • Without interruptions for the recipient, since it is a less intrusive support.
  • Reliable and secure means of communication.



Technical Spectifications:

  • Immediate implementation
  • No software installation.
  • Sending messages in real time.
  • Shipments to contact groups.
  • Message customization.





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